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Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin is the biggest children's hospital in Ireland. There are over 1,500 people working in the hospital and there are 248 beds. The hospital was built on land given by the Archbishop of Dublin and opened in 1956, over 50 years ago, and has been caring for children ever since. In fact, it's been open so long that if your parents were ever unwell, there is a good chance they might also have visited the hospital as a patient!!!

Our Lady's is the only hospital in Ireland where children can have heart operations.

Our Lady's has special links with Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London and other children's hospitals in Europe and America.

In 2007, 4662 children came to our cardiac outpatients department, 390 cardiac operations were performed and 846 children stayed in hospital with heart problems.

Every year the Hospital looks after over 23,500 inpatients and day cases, 30,000 Emergency Department cases, 76,000 Out Patient attendances and performs over 12,500 operations.

The hospital is also a special teaching hospital. Students from the colleges in Dublin where medicine and nursing is taught come to Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin to be trained by the hospital's doctors and nurses.

If it's your first time having to stay in hospital it can take time to get used to being here, but there are always nurses and doctors around if you have a question. The hospital is a bit like a big maze with four floors, corridors that look the same and lots of different buildings so we created a map to help you get around when you are visiting or staying overnight or for an operation.

Also check out the photo gallery which has pictures of some of the events and parties that happen at the hospital.

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